2021 1 Kilo Proof Mongolia Silver Majestic Eagle Coin (Box + CoA)


2021 1 Kilo Proof Mongolia Silver Majestic Eagle Coin (Box + CoA) is known to represent leadership, vision, and strength, making this 2021-coin release that much more special. This is a first-time release for the Majestic Eagle Coin series, which has been manufactured and distributed by Coin Invest Trust located in Europe. The Smartminting technology of this coin, as well as its extremely limited mintage, will make it a high commodity in the coin market. The 2021 1 Kilo Proof Mongolia Silver Majestic Eagle Coin can now be purchased online from Dave&Co.

Coin Highlights:

  • Arrives in a box with a Certificate of Authenticity!
  • First year of release for this coin series!
  • Extremely limited mintage of only 99 coins.
  • Contains 1 Kg (32.15 Troy oz) of .999 pure silver.
  • Face value of 20,000 Togrog is fully backed as a legal tender of Mongolia.
  • Obverse shows eagle talons clenched around an arrow, as well as the Mongolian coat of arms.
  • On the reverse is two different eagle faces.

The Smartminting technology of the 2021 1 Kilo Proof Mongolia Silver Majestic Eagle Coin is a never-before-seen quality, with both sides of the coin featuring incredibly ultra-high relief in proof. Coins from this listing are individually packaged in a box and include a Certificate of Authenticity. The 2021 coin has been struck in 99.9% fine silver and holds a face value of 20,000 Togrog, which is fully backed by the Mongolian government.

The Eagle has always been a symbol of strength and leadership, and is used in countries like the United States to symbolize the core values of the nation. The eagle imagery on this coin has been created by designers at the Coin Invest Trust (CIT), a company located in the country of Liechtenstein in Europe. This company was founded in 1970 and has since produced coins for many countries worldwide. The ability for the CIT to push boundaries with new coin releases is astounding, making this 2021-coin release both innovative and revolutionary for the coin industry.

The obverse of the 2021 Majestic Eagle Coin shows the talons of an eagle gripping themselves around an arrow. The arrow on the obverse is pointing off toward the right, and the image features a detailed, patterned background. The Mongolian coat of arms sits above the talons, along with the listings of the value, weight, and purity of the coin.

The reverse of the 2021 Majestic Eagle Coin shows two eagle faces. One face is turned so that the viewer only sees one side of the eagle head, while the eagle in the background faces forward, its eyes staring back at the viewer. The reverse image offers extreme detail and even highlights the feathers of the eagles.

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