Gold South African Krugerrand Coins


Gold South African Krugerrand Coins The gold Krugerrand created by the South African Mint, was one of the first one troy ounce gold coins issued as legal tender. Today, this 22-karat gold beauty’s rich history and diversification potential continue to attract investors. Discover more about the amazing value these coins can bring to your investment portfolio and learn how to buy gold South African Krugerrands today.

Gold South African Krugerrand Design and Specifications

While there are a number of gold coins available on the market today, the South African Krugerrand holds the distinguished honor of being the first one troy ounce gold bullion coin issued as legal tender by a government and whose intrinsic value is based on gold content rather than the face value of the coin.

The Krugerrand derives its name from combining the surname of Paul Kruger, a well-known Boer leader and local hero who went on to become the last president of the Republic of South Africa, and the “rand,” a South African monetary unit.

The gold Krugerrand’s obverse side features a profiled bust of its namesake, President Paul Kruger, and the word “South Africa” in both English and Afrikaans, the country’s two native tongues. The reverse side depicts a springbok antelope, the year of issue and the coin’s fineness.

The South African Krugerrand is a 22-karat gold coin weighing 1.0909 ounces (or 33.930 grams). Each coin consists of 2.826 grams of copper alloy providing increased durability, scratch resistance and unique orange-gold coloring. The gold Krugerrand has a thickness of 2.74 mm thick, a diameter of 32.6 mm and a fineness of .9167.

One of the most highly regarded and recognized gold bullion coins in the world today, the Krugerrand offers liquidity, portability and beauty to an investment portfolio. Dave&Co proudly offers the South African Gold Krugerrand in units of ten coins.

With billions of dollars in transaction volume, an attractive two-way, buy/sell market and consistently competitive prices, D&C remains a preferred source for gold coin investments.

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