Morgan Silver Dollar 5-Coin Set PCGS MS65 (1878-1904)


Year 1878-1904
Grade MS65
Grade Service PCGS
Mint Mark Varies
Purity .900
Manufacturer US Mint
Thickness 2.85 mm
Diameter 38 mm
Condition Uncirculated
Face Value $1
Issuing Country United States
Obverse Designer George T. Morgan
Reverse Designer George T. Morgan
Edge Design Reeded
Series Morgan Silver Dollar
CoA No
Packaging Type PCGS Plastic Slab
Package Dimensions 3.4 x 2.4 x 0.4
Metal Weight .7734 Troy Ounce

Morgan Silver Dollar  PCGS The Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most popular historic US silver coins among collectors in the 21st century. The iconic design was struck across five different decades in the 19th and 20th centuries and enjoyed the longest production history in the US silver dollar behind only the Seated Liberty coin. Now, Morgan Silver Dollar 5-Coin Sets with PCGS certification are available to you for purchase online from Dave&Co.

Coin Set Highlights:

  • Coins arrive inside of protective plastic slabs courtesy of the PCGS!
  • Features dates from 1878 to 1904!
  • Offers five silver coins in total!
  • Limited availability of certified coins!
  • Contains .7734 Troy oz of actual silver content per coin.
  • Issued individual face values of $1 (USD) by the United States.
  • Bears Grades of Mint State 65 from the Professional Coin Grading Service.
  • Lady Liberty is depicted in the obverse design.
  • Heraldic eagle on the reverse side of the coin.
  • Please bear in mind that you will not get matching date marks on your coins.

There were three pieces of Congressional legislation that authorized the production of the Morgan Silver Dollar. The first was the Bland-Allison Act passed in 1878. This legislation authorized the US Treasury to purchase between $2 and $4 million in silver at market values to be struck as silver dollars each month.

The Bland-Allison Act was repealed in 1890 when the Sherman Silver Purchase Act was passed. This required the Treasury to purchase a set volume of silver each month. The Treasury was to purchase 4.5 million Troy oz of silver per month and strike silver dollars for just one year. With the Sherman Silver Purchase Act repealed in 1893, a third act in 1898 required the US Mint to use up the remaining silver purchased under the Sherman Act until that silver was depleted. That point was reached in 1904.

Lady Liberty is depicted in left-profile relief on the obverse of Morgan Silver Dollar Coins in this set. Her effigy includes a coronet crown, wreath crown, and a Phrygian cap with 13 stars around the bust. The heraldic eagle of the United States features on the reverse of the coins in the Morgan Silver Dollar 5-Coin Set.

These Morgan Silver Dollar 5-Coin Sets come with Mint State 65 certifications from the PCGS. Each coin is packaged in its own protective plastic slab. Coins in this condition have above-average mint luster, a few scattered hairlines, and light, scattered contact marks with no flaws inside the primary focal points of the coin.

Please bear in mind that Dave&Co offers a total of five coins in this set. We guarantee that your set will have five different date marks on the five coins, with those dates only between 1878 and 1904, with no 1921 date marks available. Please note that mint marks are possible on the coins, though not guaranteed.

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