1/2oz Rhodium Bar

1/2oz Rhodium Bar

1/2oz Rhodium Bar The Baird & Co. 1/2oz rhodium minted bar is produced at Baird & Co internationally recognised London refinery. This bar is produced to the internationally recognised 999. standard and carries the Baird & Co. mark, the weight, fineness and a unique serial number. Bars are supplied in sealed, tamper resistant packaging.

Why add this Baird Mint 1/2oz Rhodium Bar (Sealed with Assay Certificate) to your collection?

This Baird Mint ½ oz. Rhodium Bar provides rhodium stackers with a combination of convenience, affordability, and dependability. The ½ oz. weight of the bar is both less expensive and more liquid than a full ounce bar. The latter makes it a great option even for stackers looking to purchase an ounce or more. This bar comes in a tamper-proof holder that provides you with security and stability, providing potential buyers with the confidence they need to buy it from you if and when you decide to sell. While your bar may come in either of our two holders, both have the same basic information, including the name of the mint and its logo. The name of the mint, “BAIRD & CO.,” is also inscribed on the bar itself, along with its identification as “BULLION MERCHANCES” and the mint’s location, “LONDON.” Beneath that are inscriptions of the bar’s weight, “HALF OUNCE,” and its purity, “999.0 FINE RHODIUM.” If you are looking for an affordable, liquid rhodium that comes from a reliable source, this bar is for you

Rhodium is an alloyed with platinum and palladium to enhance resistance to corrosion and aggressive chemicals. Jewelers and silver smiths also rhodium in thin layers to prevent tarnish to the underlying metal. Rhodium in bar form is nearly impossible to find, but far superior to the more commonly available sponge form.

Half Oz Rhodium Bars
Each bar contains half ounce of 99.9% pure investment grade Rhodium bullion.

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