5 Ounce Rhodium Bar

5 Ounce Rhodium Bar

Buy 5 Ounce Rhodium Bar

Finding rhodium bullion bars made by respected refiners and mints has been a rarity in the bullion market. The renowned British bullion manufacturer, Baird & Co., helped change that situation with these 5 oz rhodium bars. Minted in the UK using fine .999 rhodium bullion, these rhodium ingots make one of the rarest precious metals available to you in a familiar 5 oz bullion bar format.

Baird & Co. was established as a firm in 1967 dealing in numismatic gold coins of the world. They later moved towards high volume bullion dealing as government restrictions eased in the early 1970s. By 1975, Baird & Co. was actively ‘making a market’ quoting both bullion buy and sell prices for banks, retail and wholesale jewelers, stockbrokers, coin dealers, and other large volume bullion traders. During the 1970s bull market, Baird & Co. become one of the United Kingdom’s leading bullion trading houses.

Why buy Rhodium Bars from Dave&Co?

Dave&Co is a trusted leader in the precious metals industry. Rhodium bullion bars and other precious metals sold by Capital Dave&Co are recognized in bullion markets around the world. With our focus on rhodium bars, you can benefit from our low rhodium bar prices and premiums that are highly competitive in the industry. Dave&Co, we make it easy for you to manage your tangible wealth.

Rhodium prices last peaked at nearly $30,000/ounce in 2021. Many expect the market may go even higher as supply falls short of demand for this extraordinarily rare and indispensible metal.

Like platinum and palladium, the primary application for rhodium is catalytic converters for cars and trucks. It is alloyed with platinum and palladium to enhance resistance to corrosion and aggressive chemicals. Jewelers and silver smiths also use rhodium in thin layers to prevent tarnish to the underlying metal.

Rhodium in bar form is nearly impossible to find, but far superior to the more commonly available sponge form. Sponge will often need to be melted and assayed when re-sold. But Baird & Company bars in their original tamper proof package are trusted by dealers everywhere. Baird manufactures bars to the highest quality standards and has been building their reputation since 1967.

These Rhodium bars are a great upgrade from the typical go to like 1 oz silver bars most buyers invest in.

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